Choose the Best Water Purifier for your Home

Your water quality impacts your health and your home. With so many advertisements and options for water filtration systems and softeners, how do you choose the best system for your home? There is no single “best” water purifier. Your decision should be based on a number of considerations.

Since every water source is different, varying across locations and from public water to private wells, choosing a water system is an individualized decision. A variety of water systems are available to help every home have the best water source.

Faucet Filters

Many people prefer the ease of having great water right from the faucet. Using reverse osmosis, these water purifiers can reduce lead, arsenic, chloride, fluoride, and radium, among many other contaminants and are popular for homes with wells. The systems can either be compact and efficient, offering an individual faucet with filtered water, or they can connect into other appliances that use drinking water, like your refrigerator.

The AC-30 water purifier fits right under your sink and offers triple- filtered water straight from a designer faucet. The first filter gets rid of sediment, and the second filter uses the reverse osmosis process, forcing water through a very fine, semi-permeable membrane that only allows water to pass through and catches contaminants. The third filter is a carbon filter that creates fresher tasting water.  

The Aqua-Cleer is one of the most advanced systems offered. Customized for your home or office, this water purifier addresses the issues of your specific water source. With five stages of reverse osmosis filtration, the Aqua-Cleer system removes contaminants and improves water taste. It can also be connected to icemakers and plumbed-in coffee makers.

Bottled Water Delivery

Bottled water is one way to ensure you and your family always have access to good water, when you are on the go or around the house. Available in 1 gallon jugs for the fridge, car, or closet and 3 gallon or 5 gallon jugs for water cooler dispensers, bottled water offers a 99% reduction in impurities. Water jugs are delivered right to your home or office on your schedule. The water cooler dispensers also offer the added benefit of temperature control for cold and hot water options.

If your office or work space does not have access to plumbed water, bottled water with a water cooler dispenser is an excellent option to ensure all-the-time access to delicious, clean, safe water.

Water Softeners

Southeast Idaho is notorious for  hard water issues. A water softening system can do so much for water quality.

  • Reduce water contaminants
  • Improve skin and hair condition
  • Offer better tasting water
  • Extend the life of your appliances
  • Make cleaning easier

The signs of hard water are obvious around the house – clogged showerheads, rings around tubs and sinks, and cloudy glassware. In addition, the high magnesium and calcium levels of hard water can block pipes and make appliances underperform. As with the water filters, there are a number of water softeners available depending on your needs and preferences.

The Culligan High Efficiency 1.25 inch offers a number of benefits, including fresher laundry and spotless glasses. Your appliances will work better, and you will spend less time cleaning and scrubbing. By optimizing salt, water, and electricity, the water softener saves money, time, and energy.

Designed for large households and small businesses, the HE Twin & HE Progressive is a dual tank water softener to meet a high capacity demand. All the while, ensuring a limitless supply to the benefits of soft water.

Two-in-One: Filtration and Softener

Get the best of both — the water purifier and the water softener — with the HE Softener-Cleer. This water system will improve the taste of your water, reduce water hardness, help prevent deposit buildup on pipes, and minimize iron-reducing and sulfur-reducing bacteria. The Smart Technology of the HE Softener-Cleer monitors and adjusts automatically for particulates and bacteria in your water.

The Whole Home is another option for a two-in-one water system. In addition to softening hard water, the Whole Home also filters out chlorine, sulfur, iron, and more.

Making the Right Choice

High-quality water is an investment in your health and your home. The first step to choosing the right water purifier is to learn more about your water source with a free water quality test. The water quality test is simple and quick. With a sample of tap water right in your kitchen, the Culligan consultant will have results typically within 10 minutes. You will immediately learn the results of your water test and discuss the best options for addressing your specific water problems. With all the options, the best decision is an informed decision.